Call Tracking To Boost Phone Results, ROI and Marketing Intelligence

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As an Estate Agent, you know that Leads = Opportunity = Instructions = Commissions. But knowing exactly where to invest your money to get leads can be a problem. Now you can know who is calling you, how they discovered you, and how you can make those channels more profitable...

..which means you stop wasting money on the channels that do not make you money.

We help you measure the phone calls you receive from all your on and offline marketing efforts, including direct mail, newspaper, radio, TV, printed brochures, direct mail, email, YouTube, Google Places, Facebook, billboards, your website, and more.

With our help, you can both prove and improve your marketing ROI with Call Tracking and Analytics.

Thanks to the rise in Smart Phone adoption, Mobile and Voice Search, businesses all around the world are getting billions of sales calls each month. We help you make sure you get more for your location, your agency business, and your agency's services! 

User research suggests calls can convert to 10x more revenue than just web or email leads. 

But, if you can’t track phone leads back to their source to see what’s working, your marketing and sales will suffer and you are simply wasting your hard-earned money.

The bottom line is we can help you accurately see how well your advertising, marketing, and lead gen is doing. And you can set more valuation/appraisal appointments - which means more money for you!

Call us now to discover and see where to better invest your sales $/£ by seeing where your phone leads are coming from. Use different tracking phone numbers for each of your online and offline marketing campaigns to know - exactly - where your calls are coming from, and who they go to and see your conversions explode.

Get started with our Professional Estate Agency Call Tracking Service, today. Just call us on 01264 318111 or email now, or just click the buy button which will trigger a call from us to you. 

Call Tracking System to Boost Leads, Follow up, and conversion for Estate Agents.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I consider getting call tracking?FAQS

In the words of a famous 19th Century advertiser, John Wanamaker: "Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.” And if you follow Pareto's rule you know that 80% of your money comes from just 20% of your sellers/landlords - but which ad's lead to that 20%? Call Tracking will help you answer that question and many more besides. It will show which channels work best, which ones need a boost and which ones to save your money on. So, if you want to know, for sure, where to invest your money and where to save it, then Call tracking with Local Lead Optimiser will do that for you.

I already use things like chatbots so do I still need call tracking?FAQS

The straightforward answer is YES. Chatbots and Avatars - which we also do, will give you data on one channel, and whilst many customers will contact you via social media, online chatbots, or SMS, lots of consumers still look to have a person-to-person contact. Which leads to them calling your businesses directly. And if they do that then you need to track it. Get started today. Marketing success is about utilising ALL available channels to boost results so call tracking will give you invaluable data on all your inbound activity. Which ad or lead magnet initiated the call, how long the call lasted, how it was handled, and more. It allows you to easily convert calls into money with our call-tracking software.

Is it easy to set up?FAQS

The answer is YES. Just get in touch today at 01264 318111 and we can explain how easy it is and what is needed, so you can start tracking and converting more Valuation/appraisal opportunities.

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