ChatBots, Animated Avatars and PropertyBotsTM To Boost Page Engagement & Conversion

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INTRODUCTORY OFFEROn Page Chatbot or Animated Avatar For Your Business - Sales Price just £179 PLUS a Social Media Marketing package bonus worth over £255.00p to get you noticed. 

The Standard Chat Bot Offer 

Here is what you get with this offer: We will develop a basic chatbot, based on a conversation flow agreed with you [and our experience of many years in estate agency], with up to 6 different questions/actions and provide the embed code for you to install on your web site [or we can install for you – add £35 to cost per page – you will probably only need it on one page].

Bespoke Animated Avatar

OR you can have a "one-off" -  bespoke animated avatar, with your script, look, feel and design brief i.e. age/sex/clothing, look and feel, voice etc 

If you would like to boost the return you get from your sales landing pages then you can replace voice-over artist costs, spokesperson costs, and more, with one of our bespoke, animated avatars. We will create your very own animated avatar that can link to a script you provide to deliver exactly the message you want, and looking how you want it to look. If you need an individual voice over we can sort that too.

From Head to foot the Avatar is totally tailored to your requirements and can include image backdrops and image logo mapping for cars, bags, clipboards, and more.

Discover how we can help you boost your agency's sales with our animated avatars, which incorporate the latest AI technology, just call 01264 318111 or email

Return on Investment

We have on-page Chatbots or you can use our own PropertyBotsTM for online property viewings. So they can be selling and promoting your properties or your offices 24/7/365, answering viewers' questions as they visit properties online, or even a tour of your business online. 

From sales queries, valuation questions, conveyancing, mortgages, or simply removals, there are a variety of options to choose from with the ChatBot flows, to booking valuation appointments to property management visits, and more. Chatbots and AI [artificial intelligence] have their part to play in saving you time and making your estate agency or home services business more money. 

Grab Your Visitor's Attention

Get the attention of your visitors. Keep it. Convert it. On-Page attention retention is crucial at every stage of your sales funnel and there are multiple ways we can help. 

Gain Deeper Engagement With Your Customers

Engage with your future sellers, buyers, landlords, tenants, or home occupier customers. Solve sales problems. Calm complaints. Boost leads, sales, conversions, and reviews.

Flexible Pricing

We have flexible pricing for our products and they will be a lot less than you think!

What Are SmartBots, PropertyBotsTM, Animated Avatars, and On-Page Chatbots?

SmartBots/Animated Avatars and our PropertyBotsTM [designed for estate agents/commercial agents/showroom/factory/office tours] are “on-page sales or service guides” that engage your site visitors and give them the information they seek.

They use cutting-edge AI [Artificial Intelligence] and up-to-date “lip sync” to give life to scripts that are created for each use. i.e. the needs of resi  Estate Agents are different from, say Commercial Agents and so on.

ChatBots are the conversation boxes you often find on a site in the bottom right-hand corner, through which conversations are carried out when requesting and answering questions. Sometimes they have a human behind them and many times they have a programmed conversation flow powered by AI.

Frustrating chatbots are now a thing of the past as modern chatbots avoid poor conversation flows, only use searched words that work, and the flow structures are far better designed for the purpose they are applied to.

Chatbots suit most, but not all situations. The right conversation flows, and the right applications, make all the difference. Try us and see how our results compare.

We use fully programmable scripts, designed around the actions you want a site visitor to take. We help you set up a “chat flow”, with questions, answers, and appropriate palm-offs to the appropriate person, or department, or deliver a PDF or other lead magnet/information most suitable for the tenants, landlords, sellers, or buyers' queries.

You can have an animated avatar on its own, a chatbot on its own or have both working together. All with the sole purpose of boosting your sales and leads, or managing property servicing issues. And if you tie those to other marketing tools, you can grow your sales exponentially

The tech has been created using years of testing and data analysis and continues to evolve using several industry-leading features, technology, and artificial intelligence.

Who are these chatbots and animated avatar videos for?

Whilst these on-page engagement tools are suitable for any business we specialise in the property market. On-Page Chatbots, SmartBots/Animated Avatars, and PropertyBotsTM, merge cutting-edge “Interactive 3D Avatar” technology with AI [Artificial Intelligence] backed “SMART Chat Automation” to deliver results!

You can class them all as Virtual Chat Assistants and they can be added to ANY website (even ones you don’t own) to instantly boost sales, conversions, and leads, on blogs, e-commerce sites, bonus pages, landing pages, or deal with customer complaints and service issues.

If you want to see what and how it could be working for your business just call us to fix an online demonstration. No Obligation and no salesperson will call on you.  

How can you apply them?

  • Sales
  • Property Management 
  • Complaints
  • Events
  • Announcements
  • Lead Capture
  • Information Delivery
  • On-Boarding
  • 2D & 3D Avatars and even Animals for gaming/youth appeal dependent on market
  • Select Avatars/SmartBots by age, occupation, clothing/gender etc
  • Branding of the uniforms/accessories of the Avatar/SmartBot
  • Appointment Booking
  • And more…just follow your imagination…

Why Work With Us At Local Lead Optimiser?

  • Local Lead Optimiser is a property market focussed professional marketing business, dedicated to helping businesses like yours increase your instruction levels, landlords, and conversions while boosting your ROI. How?
  • With cutting-edge technology, sales flow and "natural language" practitioners, who specialise in applying the latest innovations in AI, and 3D Animation.  
  • Bots and Animated Avatars improve interaction with visitors. Which means more engagement, and more sales!
  • We are also none geek!

Any questions? Just give us a call. 01264 318111 or email today

Please Note: The Price of £179 is the quoted introductory offer whilst our sale is on for the ChatBot flow as described OR any Animated Avatar you choose, which will be bespoke. 


ChatBots, Avatars, Property Tours, Property Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

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What do these things do?FAQS

To help you gain more sellers, or landlords, or manage property management issues the ChatBots/Avatars boost engagement, at whatever time of day or night or global location by leveraging “The Automation Economy.” As an example, Jennifer now has “Automated Sales Bots” selling books, gift cards, and merchandise FOR HER via her online store! One of our Chatbots/Avatars can help you work LESS and earn MORE. We help both single and multi-branch agencies embrace Artificial Intelligence to sell their agency services on autopilot. If you’re ready to: ● Increase revenue ● Work fewer hours ● Lower operating costs ● Eliminate reliance on human workers ● Blow past competitors in the technical stone ages… Then we'd love to have a 10-minute chat about how you may be able to use this technology in your business. Just call us on 01264 318111

How flexible are they?FAQS

Once we understand what your goal is for the use of an Avatar or Chatbot - and there are lots of different uses and combinations of use - we can then script a flow. Now, that may be totally "automated" or can be partly automated so that when the conversation with the chatbot needs to turn to an actual human we can build in a warm handoff to a sales person or customer services rep. In other words, the solution we create is totally bespoke to you and the flexibility you need.

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