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Email Campaign Management: Professionally Created Sequential Email Campaigns For Higher Conversions For YOUR Business

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Need an email campaign to blow the socks of your sales conversion?

Email Marketing remains one of the single, most powerful, most cost-effective, and most convincing methods of online advertising and deserves as much of your continued attention as Facebooks Ads, Messaging apps, and other tools.

When we assist with an email campaign there are always three questions you need to answer:

1] What is the goal of your email?

2] Who is your target; who is the email to appeal too and talk too, so the language, tone, pace, and content are right, and where, in their buying cycle re what you do, are they are likely to be when they get the email/campaign i.e. so we can push them down your sales funnel.

3] What are you willing to provide, offer, entice them with to get the click? (the ethical bribe or “lead Magnet” that starts to build their know, like, and trust in what you do?]

There are other questions we ask besides these, but this gives you an idea that we take “message to market” very seriously. If you get it right the results can be explosive. Get the message to market wrong - and it will bomb.

For your specific business, product, or service, we seek to know and understand what your prospects wants, needs, and desires are, and what their problem sounds like.

Then we can create subject lines that pull people Into the emails.

It also helps establish the “relationship” for future emails.

Successful emails can be amazing “one-offs” but those often work with existing mailing list subscribers who already know, like, and trust you.

For you to generate new relationships it often takes a well-constructed series of emails to get the right and best conversion levels. There is no hard and fast rule but research and experience suggests 7 to 10 emails in the sequence, with one email of the series, sent every 3 days or so.

So how long should your email be? A lot run to 600-700 words. Some shorter, some longer. This one is 506 words for example.

It also depends on if you are writing to Buyers Vs. Prospects. People who have bought from you once will have a level of trust in your business. They TRUST you. If they are kept informed they will be loyal enough to buy again.

For prospects, you need to show them where they will be once they have bought your product or service. So, instead of worrying about cash flow and conversions, now you can start to imagine more money coming into your business, the pressure that will ease, and the opportunity to get back to where you want your business to be.

Lead Magnets need careful construction too, as do other forms of content that support the campaign, such as, newsletters, FAQ’s, case studies, video sales letters etc. All to help them consume what you sell.

So, if you need new results you know where to come. Just call us on 01635 917373 or email


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