Google Business Profiles [the New GMB]: Professionally Managed Site Listing and Directory Entry Services To Boost Awareness Of YOUR Business

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Is your business on the first page of Google local maps?  Did you know: 82% of consumers use Google to find information online and use maps to help them do so. But does your busness have a Google Business Profile and it it do is it working for you? If not perhaps we can help. 

You probably already know that case studies have shown that 96% of all searchers will never look past Google’s First Page.

Your future sellers and buyers, are using maps to find businesses just like yours and if you have property developmens maps are a great way to get leads, convert then and inform buyerts all aboiut the process oif buying and promoting your developments, If you want to know just get in touch.

People are online and searching your location, city, town, village, suburb, and or their immediate neighbourhood - and surprise, surprise that meanss they do not always start their search with a property Portal!

To compete in Google Local Maps, your business listing needs to be extremely focused on the specific search terms that people are looking for and in the geographical areas they’re interested in.

When one of your prospects searches on Google with a location identifier, say your neighbourhood or a town, that is exactly when Google’s Local Map will appear.

And that Google Local Map will showcase between 3 and 7 local places on Google’s First Page. So, Local Map Optimisation puts your business right in front of the eyes of sellers, buyers, Landlords and others looking for an agency like yours. It gives your contact info and exact location with directions to local searchers looking for your type of service.

But will they see your business first or find your local competitors?

This is where we come in. 

Getting your business ranked on Google’s Local Map and keeping it there is no simple task and requires constant up-to-date maintenance to counteract the changes that Google is constantly making.” [that is what the £197 pcm is for, per GBP listing]

Having a Fully Optimised Google Business Profile is the only way to get reviews for your business in Google’s powerful search and maps infrastructure.  And the more good reviews you have for your business, the higher your business can rank on Google’s Local Map.

Plus there are numeropus "white hat" scerets to ranking your map presence and that is also what you pay for. Knowledge, expertise and experience.

Compared to other SEO services our business boosting solutions are an incredible, low-cost way of boosting your agency business and inquiries.  

We have a deep understanding of how the Google Business Profile algorithm works and the factors which are used to determine rankings of Local Business Listings.  We also have a few strategies up our sleeves that can help give you a competitive advantage too.

If you want to discuss this, just call us on 01264 318111 or email or sign up today to start boosting your business and your bank balance. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What happens next?FAQS

Once you have ordered we will contact you to go over our GBP Audit to make sure we optimise your Google Business Profile Listing for maximum results. And if you have any queries just call us on 01264 318111 or email us at:

How does this work?FAQS

First off we would carry out a deep dive into your existing GBP listing. Once done we will know what needs to be done, what just needs tweaking, and what to leave alone. We then agree on what you need doing, then get that all setup. We can then provide a monthly service to keep it all up to date and getting you the best results. So your investment is in the initial review [sales price £397] and set up then a monthly recurring fee [£97]. But before you decide just call us and we can talk you through it. That's 01264 318111.

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