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Push Notifications: THE Secret Sauce To Maximise The Apperances Of Your Business To Your Clients and Prospects on PC and Mobile

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What are Push Notifications?

Great question and glad you asked.

Traditional marketing is all about the “pull”, where you place and present what you do in sales ads, white papers, free reports, discounts, special offers, etc and people read it, and then contact you [or not]. In other words, if your marketing has got them hooked,  then you reel them in – the PULL.

Push marketing on the other hand is where you send messages to them – in emails, apps, SMS, [which they opt-in for or pop up in your app].  Push Notifications are messages that are “pushed” from a server and pop up on a user’s device, mobile/tablet/PC, and that occurs even if the app or website is not running!

So, when do push notifications work? Whilst they apply to ANY business, good examples would be restaurants, barbers, showrooms, cafes, pubs, and so on. You can push special offers, lunchtime specials, and notices to fill up your business with increased inbound calls or footfall at your quieter times. There are lots of ways to use “push” notifications. Just call 01635 917373 or email now, to explore how it could work in your business.

Push notifications are a powerful re-engagement tool to provide actionable, timely information to subscribers (at least on the devices that opt-in to receive them). And push notifications, for example, as a “web push”, have better open rates and CTA [call to action] than email.

Say someone visits your web page and leaves. Once they have gone you can push messages to them to draw them back. You can do the same with email. apps and mobile too.

Push Notifications can be ultra targetted and are a great way to segment your target list, to make sure only those that want the message get it – BUT – the point is, the messages then sent are super targeted…and to a responsive reader.

Just call 01635 917373 or email now, to explore how it could work in your business.

*This introductory offer includes the account set up, the site set up, 10 scheduled notices for a month, and delivering a minimum of 250 subscribers for your business/list. And if we do not do that, then you use our money-back guarantee. 

Push Notification Marketing and Promotion Service

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