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Thumbnails That Work Get Your Videos Clicked - How Are Your Video Open Rates?

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Clickable Thumbnails are crucial to getting your videos watched. How clickable are yours?

In the same way a Headline is crucial to getting an email opened, a web page read, or persuading someone to read a sales letter – a thumbnail has the same impact for your videos.

Get it clicked and your video gets seen and watched, engaged with and stuff sold.

If not….well the video will just sit there on the web gathering cyberdust …leaving your video unseen and unloved! And your products or services unsold!

To avoid that let us help you get clickable thumbnails, get your videos watched, and get your products or services sold. 

To get started give us a call on 01635 917373 so we can discuss design, then pay, and we will provide your thumbnail for you in 4 days. If you need regular Thumbnail content we can do that too, with a monthly pricing plan. 

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